Dragons of Winter Night (1985) ★★★☆☆ #books

🕔︎ - 2021-06-28

As mentioned recently I switched to volume 2 of the Dragonlance Chronicles, after re-reading the Legends volume 1.

The story in this volume is more engaging and has the feel of an AD&D campaign, with the group of heroes splitting up and going on separate adventures. It has among other things an absentminded old wizard, a visit with the ingenious technically inclined gnomes, a battle with dragons, and a solemn funeral.


I was wondering previously why I didn't have volume 1, but I can see on the first page that I have written in pencil "Bog 3 (på dansk)" - book 3 (in Danish). So I probably read volume 1 as book 1 and 2 in Danish, and only then switched to the English ones. On page 206 I have pencilled "Bog 4 (på dansk)".

On the back of the book the price sticker reveals it was 45,50 DKK - the front says $3.50 - so 45¢ cheaper than the chronicles book!

Inside the book I also added translations of some of the words I didn't know at the time and looked up:

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