Fred Fish cd-rom nostalgia #computers

AmigaDOS shell icon A couple of days ago I was helping sorting and cleaning out old electronics from my parents basement.

The one thing I knew I wanted to keep was the Commodore CD-TV that I got in a swap at the end of my "Amiga period".

Along with the machine were 2 cd-roms - one was "The Fred Fish Collection Volume 1.6 February 1993". I had to see if the cd could still be read.

It could! I've put the content of the cd online for fun.

One thing noticed as the filenames were scrolling by was... Perl!

Fred Fish disk 161 has a Perl-interpreter for the Amiga - the date on the file is 1988-10-02, and the binary is a whopping 149 KB.


General Data Protection Regulation #unsubscribe

Screenshot from Click showing what rights GDPR gives citizens The latest BBC Click looks at the GDPR.

It sounds like it might be fun to request your information from all the places that have information on you, and maybe request deletion on all the places you don't use any more.

Doubtful if anybody but a few enthusiasts will do so, I think, however.


Android Play Music and album art #android #music

Play Music icon The Android Play Music app seems to randomly, arbitrarily decide to not show album art.

It is annoying me. A lot.

What I usually do is to save the cover in a file called "albumart.png" using The Gimp in the folder holding the Ogg Vorbis-files I use to store music on my phone.

Sometimes Play Music picks it up, sometimes it doesn't. Seemingly at random.

The latest pattern I have observed is that it helps if the images is 500x500 pixels rather than 1000x1000 pixels, and it helps if the image is embedded in the first .ogg file in the folder.

Sometimes it is not necessary to embed the image.

If the image is "large", say 1000x1000 pixels, then embedding it in the .ogg file makes Play Music not recognize the Title and Artist tags in the file.

It is an incredible mess.

Is the source code available somewhere?


Artificial Intelligence #olduse.net

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose: <1379@aecom.YU.EDU>, AI 1987.


I ♥ Free Software #free software

#ilovefs GNU Emacs, Debian GNU/Linux, Linux, X.Org, Postfix, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, OpenSSH, Firefox, Apache, ejabberd, Dovecot, git, GnuPG, XMonad, GHC, Gnus, jabber.el, rdiff-backup, LaTeX, Gimp, lots of GNU - the list goes on an on - thanks everybody!


Updating BIOS on a Lenovo Carbon X1 3rd gen #computers

Meltdown Attack It is - also - the season to upgrade your BIOS, it seems. Lenovo released an update for the Carbon X1 3rd, 1.21, just before new years. Here's a short note-to-self/reminder on how to update:

The "Both"-thing is the one I usually forget (I have it set to Legacy only, normally).



By following these two guides: "Getting DKIM, DMARC and SPF to work with Postfix, OpenDKIM and OpenDMARC" and "How to eliminate spam and protect your name with DMARC" - I have installed and configured opendkim and opendmarc on my server, configured them (and Postfix) and added the accompanying DNS records, so now emails from koldfront.dk and asjo.org get signed wit DKIM and I have set up DMARC records for the domains. (I had SPF-records set up a long ago already.)


Next year I'll get around to DNSSEC, I'm sure.

Update: if you have people with email adresses on your domain who use Gmail, they need to configure Gmail to use your smtp-server, and in /etc/opendmarc.conf this option is needed: IgnoreAuthenticatedClients true. Seems to work.


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