Danish police horses

🕙︎ - 2021-04-02

The Danish police have some horses. Not because they need them, but because of, frankly, sad political grandstanding. Previously the horses were borrowed from the Swedish police, I'm not sure if that is still the case.

Anyway, on the picture above, you can see what the police leaves on the streets of Copenhagen.

Help some ducks across the street if you want to seem cute, rather than literally dropping shit on it, come on!

Peppa Pig Picasso #art

🕝︎ - 2021-04-02

Good catch by a reader of Private Eye - Peppa Pig is inspired by Picasso!

Dash camera survey

🕥︎ - 2021-03-29

To save you time, I have taken it upon myself to watch all the dash camera vidoes on YouTube, and I can now summarize driving in various countries:

The USA: You own the lane in which you drive. If somebody wants to drive in the same lane, they had better wait until you have passed them by a mile; if not, honk at them, repeatedly and for a long time. Also, if somebody honks at you, the appropriate response is to get in front of them and randomly hitting the brakes. This is called "brake checking", and often spelt "break". Most accidents happen when people change lane without looking first, and channels habitually recommend driving your car into another car instead of leaving room or avoiding contact, for insurance reasons. Most overtaking is done on the right.

The UK: Most problems happen in roundabouts when people either don't manage to be in the correct lane, or they fail to enter the roundabout at the right time, or they fail to speed up quickly enough.

Australia: drivers turning off at exits too late; the comment is invariably: "What a dickhead!"

Russia: On two-lane snow covered roads head-on collisions during overtaking are popular. Otherwise most accidents are cars turning left on six lane wide streets lined with tall concrete buildings, into cars running red lights.

Germany: Most dash camera videoes are of cars driving through red lights or over lines they aren't supposed to. The camera operator will berate they driver not following the rules loudly; "Junge!". Every video of a cyclist invariably includes some minor offense and the dash camera driver yelling at the offender.

For those who don't know…

🕛︎ - 2021-03-28

I have a new pet peeve (or hobby horse?) - the verbal tic when people introduce an explanation of something with "For those who don't know…"

I think I can see why the speaker would say so - it is used as a sort of acknowledgement that you're now explaining something to people that they already know. Sort of "Sorry, but here I go anyway, just to be on the safe side".

However, to the person listening, it easily sounds very different from that.

If you are one of the people who know, then getting a relevant introduction to something you already know as part of a story isn't something the speaker has to make excuses for. The introduction will serve as a reminder, the person who knows can check that they remember the basics right, and it will also serve to align terminology. As the speaker has prepared, the speaker will almost always know the specific subject the best.

If you are one of the people who don't know, then it is easy to hear "but you should" and "but you don't, so now I'm going to waste everybody's time to bring you up to speed," even if it wasn't meant that way. Learning something when you've just been singled out as behind and lacking is not effective.

If the introduction is relevant, short, precise, and fits the narrative, include it without a disclaimer.

If the introduction isn't necessary, skip it.

Don't make listeners feel bad.

Lava-stream from Iceland

🕦︎ - 2021-03-22

RÚV has a live-stream from the Geldingadalur volcano currently erupting in Iceland. It looks stunning, especially at night.

When you see a helicopter or some tiny, tiny people in the picture, you realize that it is a lot bigger than it might appear at first.

More or Less: Deciding when to suspend a vaccine #podcast

🕜︎ - 2021-03-21

The More or Less podcast from BBC Radio 4 brings some perspective to the AstraZeneca vaccine suspension debate: Deciding when to suspend a vaccine (8m58s).

Definitely worth a listen - I wish the reporting in the Danish media included information and discussion like this.

Twitpocalypse #twitpocalypse #ai

🕥︎ - 2021-03-14

I am proud to announce that I have joined the twitpocalypse:

Join the resistance!

Lille langebro


B. R. Ambedkar (130).


Leonardo da Vinci (569).

Leonhard Euler (314).


FTP (RFC 114) (50).

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (81).

Charlie Chaplin (132).


Ahmad Yani (38).


Bicycle Day (79).


Princess Isabella (14).


Earth Day (51).

NCSA Mosaic 1.0 (28).


World Book Day (27).

Sct. George's Day.


Hubble Space Telescope launched (31).


World Malaria Day (21).


Chernobyl (35).

Jens Unmack (Love shop) (57).

World Intellectual Freedom Day (6).


Thomas Koppel (Savage Rose) (77).


Solomy Nakiriya (55).


Princess Benedikte (77).

International Dance Day.


King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (75).