Time of the Twins (1986) ★★☆☆☆ #books

🕡︎ - 2021-06-09

While cleaning out some bookshelves recently I came upon my old DragonLance books. I was about to chuck them out, but then I decided not to, maybe DragonLance would be fun to revisit.

I didn't have volume 1 of the original Chronicles trilogy, and it felt weird starting with volume 2, but I did find DragonLance Legends volume 1: Time of the Twins (1986), which I have then re-read during the past couple of weeks.

It's a light read. It refers a lot back to the things that happened in the previous trilogy, and it feels quite… formulaic, I think? The ending is abrupt, but then the next page advertises volume 2 for only $3.95, so…


I think I will try reading volume 2 of Chronicles, rather than continuing with the Legends trilogy.

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