About this website

This is my little weblog. Memememememe. So there.

The most recent entries are on the frontpage. All entries are listed in the archive. There is a search function, and a cloud of keywords.

There is an RSS feed is available, and an alternative one that only includes the posts with the keyword "olduse.net".

About the author

Pixelated Adam I'm Adam Sjøgren. The pictures are on asjo.org, the Danish words are over at Kammerat Adam. If you want to, you can encrypt email to me with my public gpg-key (0x49D0746121BDE416).

About the content

koldfront is my weblog (and tiny, dormant company) - I post links with or without commentary here semi-regularly. Sometimes a rant, a musing or a little story pops in there too, but I'm not promising anything.

Text is where I keep some of the less volatile text I produce from time to time. Most visited is probably my (now old and rather useless) small guide to using Tele Danmark NetExpres ADSL with Linux. Another text that may or may not interest you is my (now old and somewhat useless) short description of how to install the Debian GNU/Linux distribution on an Apple iBook. Included is also a quick-guide to starting to use PostgreSQL without spending a lot of time figuring out the intricacies of access control.

Calendar is an open calendar - anybody can contribute and everybody is encouraged to do so.

Photo contains pictures uploaded without any schedule or regularity. More pictures are available on asjo.org.