Your regular run off the mill...

🕢︎ - 2003-02-06

... digital signatures in Denmark story: "TDC skal på kun tre år udlevere én million digitale signaturer. Henning Dyrmose vil gerne samarbejde med taber-konsortiet om en hurtig udbredelse". (My emphasis).

... explanation of hiccups.

... Hunter S. Thompson interview at Salon!

... video-phone - oh, and it's Linux-based.

... "Oh, they'll handle my order with care"-inspiring webshop; who is this "General Bottom" they are talking about?

... remote controlled hovercraft. Yes, hovercraft!

... GPL violation?

... Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation.

... Tetris AI playing-machine.

... watch with built-in radiation detection(!)

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