U571 #Coop

๐Ÿ• ๏ธŽ - 2000-09-27

I saw U571 last night (so did a famous Danish pop-producer and a not-so-famous Danish guitarist - none of them with me, and not with each other either :-)). We were hoping for some "ping" (looooong silence) "piiing"-action, but since U571 is set in World War 2, there wasn't much of that. On the poster they advertised Jon Bon Jovi(!) Fortunately he didn't seem to have been involved in the music; I didn't hear any cheasy poodle-Max-Martin pop (but the classical theme wasn't too good (and I usually don't notice such things), so perhaps he was involved after all? He died when a submarine was sunk, so that was a highligt. Other than that.. medium okay action... could have been much better, could have been a lot worse. Not enough "piiing"... (Hunt for Red October is better any day, even on video).

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