There's no tomorrow

๐Ÿ•—๏ธŽ - 2001-01-21

Denmark is such a bootlicking small country - both national Danish television channels sent the US inaugeration direct live. None of the Swedish channels felt the need to do that. Such a small country, such grovelling.

(I'm part of it, obviously).

"A nontechnical reminiscence written in 1988 (on the occasion of unplugging Columbia University's last DECSYSTEM-20)..." - a fun article about old 36-bit systems.

"Is the global computer network to blame for the current electricity crisis? Lackeys of the power industry want us to think so." - "Turn off the Internet!" by Katharine Mieszkowski.

The Computer Museum History Center - with a timeline of microprocessors. Nice.


Compressing the web. Hmm.

My domain has been visited by someone with a NetVigator ip. Cool!

Enlightenment seem to be (re)implementing the Screens of the Amiga. Interesting!

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