Straight from the terrordome #music

๐Ÿ•Ÿ๏ธŽ - 2003-05-03

"Back in 1987 we knew that our position on social commentary in rap music was never gonna garner "over the top" popularity, radio and tv-wise, to the same black masses we so-called spoke for. We released our first album in April 1987 Yo Bum Rush the Show to a totally clueless-to-what-we-were-about audience. No, we weren't street cats in the mold of RUN-DMC, nor were we chic attractions like LL COOL J and WHODINI, and we weren't lyrically gifted on the edge of dare and circumstance like ERIC B AND RAKIM and BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS, and we didn't make you laugh like HEAVY D and JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE, and damn sure wasn't funky as 90% of the artists at that time including STETSASONIC or BDK." - Public Enemy; The Rolling Stones Of the Rap Game.

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