Servers upgraded to Debian 12 (bookworm) #debian

🕖︎ - 2023-06-24
Debian graphic

Two weeks ago Debian released version 12 (bookworm).

A couple of days ago I upgraded the two small VPS's I use to run DNS and backup mx's - it was quite smooth, I only had to remove a couple of lines from /etc/bind/named.conf.options.

Tonight I upgraded the main home server. It was also quite smooth, only problems were:

"Fixed" Apache::Gallery by patching Text::Template:

--- Template.pm.orig.2023	2023-06-24 08:09:20.572054716 +0200
+++ Template.pm.patched	2023-06-24 08:10:32.293666455 +0200
@@ -64 +64 @@
-        my $untaint   = _param('untaint', %a);
+        my $untaint   = 1; _param('untaint', %a);

It's not pretty, and maybe I should have patched Apache::Gallery instead, but it's the only module I run that uses Text::Template.

- Adam Sjøgren 🕢︎ - 2023-06-24


Upgraded my jukebox as well - no issues what-so-ever. Respect, Debian/Raspbian!

- Adam Sjøgren 🕕︎ - 2023-06-25


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