Roskilde Friday 2003 #music #photography

๐Ÿ• ๏ธŽ - 2003-06-28

Kashmir in concert Despite the outrageous time (17:00), Kashmir played a good concert at this year's Roskilde Festival. I hope the schedule-makers get a grip and schedule Kashmir at night the next time. It's hard to take decent photos on Roskilde - many people up front, and in this case, daylight.

The Raveonettes in concert I think we need a new name for The Raveonevershowups, because they were actually there. It was quite hard to see for all the smoke they kept pumpin' out, though. I thought their performance lacked enthusiasm, especially in the vocals. They sounded like they'd shared a joint too many beforehand. Maybe they were just tired or jetlagged or something, but... I expected more power there.

After The Raveonettes and more talkin' I admired some of the long, long walls of grafitti near the Green Stage (mysteriously renamed "Arena Stage"?!)

Kaizers Orchestra in concert I had to leave the Kaizers Orchestra concert early to catch the bus home. I was tired as well and couldn't really get any good shots of them. What I heard was great though, and I hope to see them somewhere else in the future. Update: The Midtfynsfestival has juggled their schedule, so instead of Sort Sol playing before D-A-D on Saturday, Kaizers Orchestra is playing. Yes. The. Timing. Is. Perfect! :-)

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