One feather == ten chicklets #Coop

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2000-03-30

I've recently become aware of (yet) a(nother) misconception/prejudice I carry. When someone claims something without any reservations, then I assume that the person knows for sure. I always use a phrase like "I've heard", "I think", "Isn't it" if I am saying something, stating something, that I am not 100 percent sure is true. Therefore I've always thought that the fairytale about the feather becoming ten chickens by word of mouth was cute, but not that realistic. But I guess I was to narrowminded. Two recent threads in the D-A-D-discussion opened my eyes to this. Still learning to fly.

The world need more eccentric people who discover important things, like Kary Mullis. Oh, and Bob Dylan really should get that Nobelprize now, too. Speaking of Bob Dylan - the first person already started queuing for the Horsens-tickets days ago. (The perverts in Horsens have put up a webcam showing the queue... No, I am not, urgllrrr, jealous!)

Children like large fonts and low resolution! (Via CamWorld). So high resolution is an aquired taste. Interesting!

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