├śresundsbron #Coop

­čĽĽ´ŞÄ - 2000-04-10

I just heard on the news that a trainticket from Copenhagen over the new bridge to Sweden, ├śresundsbron, will cost 60 dkr. A car-ticket is going to be 230 dkr. - that's less than four traintickets! :-)

The bridge is called "├śresundsbron" in both languages. The '├ś' is Danish and the lacking 'e' in "broen" is Swedish. I wonder who came up with that "smart" solution...

Correction: I think that it's the company that will be "running" the bridge that will be called "├śresundsbron". Hopefully Danes will say "├śresundsbroen" and Swedes will say "├ľresundsbron"!

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