No Such Thing As A Fish podcast #podcast

🕧︎ - 2022-11-05

A couple of weeks ago the program I use to download podcasts (hpodder) started failing on the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast, going something like this:

Get: 93.478 451: No Such Thing As Deckchair Wrestling                          
 *** 93.478: Message on http://pscrb.fm/rss/p/pdst.fm/e/arttrk.com/p/ABMA5/audioboom.com/posts/8188148.mp3?modified=1667494209&source=rss&stitched=1:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to pscrb.fm port 80 after 340 ms: Couldn't connect to server

After investigating:

$ telnet pscrb.fm http
Connection failed: Connection refused
Connection failed: Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

I looked at what URL I had for the podcast - it was http://audioboom.com/channels/2399216.rss. On a whim I tried changing http to https - and that a) works, and b) the RSS-file contains https-links to the soundfiles, which also work!

Odd that they don't just redirect from http to https, if they insist on it. Anyhow, there you have it.

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