New GnuPG key #gnupg

๐Ÿ•”๏ธŽ - 2009-09-05

Inspired by the trend in Debian circles I have generated a new GnuPG key (4096 bit RSA, 21BDE416). The old one is only 1024 bit DSA. It's almost 10 years since I created the old one (EFCFE0B3).

I have signed the new with the old - now I just have to hunt signatures. Maybe I should read one of those keysigning organisation documents...

I guess I should present the person whom I would like to sign my key with the new keys fingerprint (4766 3059 0A23 1909 B0A0 961A 49D0 7461 21BD E416) and show them some identification papers (passport)?

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