Music this morning #Overground

🕢︎ - 2000-03-19

This mornings music: The Cardigans: Gran Turismo & Blur: Bustin' + Dronin' (disc 2, ahh, and now: disc 1).

I've modified my use of stylesheet(s) (CSS) to try and make Netscape stop crashing.

Incidently it seems that Netscape crashes if I set padding: 1em on the two table-cells that make up the page. I can set padding: 1em on one of them if and only if I do not set padding-left or padding-right on the other. Weird and funky bugs lurk in Netscape.

Oh, and the looks of the page are suboptimal in Netscape too. If you're feeling fresh, install Mozilla and give it a whirl. The only thing that is stopping me from using Mozilla full time is that entering a password for a page doesn't work for me. Other than that: Cool.

Update: I just found a workaround for the above-mentioned Mozilla-bug (commented out some JavaScript in a chrome-file!) - Mozilla is now #1!

One thing though: Mozilla seems to "eat" the first word inside every tag when editing tag-filled text in a textarea-box. Maybe it's my fault. Gotta check.

Update: The above problem was indeed caused by sloppy programming on my part. Fixed. Cool.

I just read in the newspaper that SAS has invented a revolutionary thing in Copenhagen Airport: Phone-booths without phones! Yes, that's right. Why? Because they kept getting complaints about people talking loud in their cellular phones. The booths are for cellphone calls!

Woodpecker on antenna! A woodpecker just decided that the antenna on our neighbours house locked yummy, so it started banging it's beak against the metal. Made for a funny sight and an even funnier sound! Finally another small bird came by, attracted by the noise I gather, and they both abandoned the antenna. No worms in that tree, I guess..

Spring is in the air in Copenhagen today. 10°C, sunshine and time for dustin' off the old skateboard and scaring the old ladies and the dogs on the streets. D:A:D in the ears, rushing along. Perhaps Copenhagen could do with some more hills. Downhills, that is.

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