More cubism #Coop

๐Ÿ•’๏ธŽ - 2000-07-25

"When in sleep mode, they pulse in blue, with the cube and monitor's pulsations synchronized"

-MacSlash on the Cube.

And here is an antroposophical explanation of the Apple Cube. Quite funny!

New iMacs have been launched, in new colours - a fashion headache comes on!

The library at Stanford has an essay about the history of the Macintosh computer.

The famours Bell-Labs has the history of UNIX (short and anecdocal) online.

Where do you go to learn, and snicker, about what company is going down the drain? Why, Fucked Company, of course!

Ahh, The Mozilla museum ("Mozilla" as in "That's how Netscape is pronounced", not as in Mozilla!)! I think I've stumbled over it before, but... :-)

Open source is the power hungry brat child of GNU.

-Fallible Hacker Figureheads.

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