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๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2000-06-09

Yeah, yeah, I know I should understand that people are dumb, stupid and vicious, and that I should learn to see beyond my own little nosetip and understand that everything isn't about memememe.

Unfortunately that piece of meat is pretty much in sight all the time.

Like tonight where some #/("!#/! reveals (by sending a third, undoubtably fake picture for the D-A-D fan-gallery) that he's just pulling me around by said bodypart.

The thing is: It's built on trust. I trust people to send pictures of themselves, and other people trust that the pictures people submit are real.

Once the trust is broken, it all falls apart. It's worthless. It's simply just not fun.

I thought about tearing it all down and just put up an empty sign and a short notice: "Due to abuse by an asshole sending fake pictures, the gallery is closed".

But then again, why give the idiot the satisfaction? His moron-level is probably so high, that he wouldn't even feel the slightest remorse.

Truth being broken does affect the ways things are run from now on, though. No more new pictures in the gallery, unless the person submitting the picture can give solid proof that it's not fake.

And that's pretty much impossible over the net.

One asshole destroys it for the rest of the people. I guess that's the way the real world works. I shouldn't complain, that's just life. Well, life sucks. Oh, that wasn't news either. Sorry.

Oh. He apologized and asked to be put back in the gallery. My melodramatic answer.

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