Moog Island

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2001-01-12

The story about the man who made "Y2K" famous: Peter de Jager.

The LAME project. Cool.

/. links to reviews of million-dollar Suns.

Another minimalistic window manager for X: wm2.

An article about netikette (in Danish).

The Danish Music Awards are up for voting. (Note that the Danish name is "Danish Music Awards". How very international...). The whole thing seems to be an advertising-gimmick for Yahoo!Denmark, since you have to get an account to vote. Guess who made an account with fake info?

I recently received a virus by email. Not that I cared much, since I a) Don't use an email-program that is insecure-by-design and b) Don't use Windows (something the virus required and assumed). Hybris. Oh yeah.

Crazy Swedes making a synth using the soundchip also used in the legendary and venerable Commodore 64.

Speaking of computers - Apple just announced the Titanium PowerBook G4. Droooool.

Someone took our name! I wonder why.

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