🕦︎ - 2000-04-06

I'm having a somewhat heated email-discussion with Jubii. They have a page with the new single "Everything Glows" available for listening - which is very cool. The only problem is that they are using a non-standard link (pnm:// instead of http://) that not all browsers understand (Netscape and Internet Explorer on Mac don't get it, Netscape and Mozilla under GNU/Linux don't either). The fix is extremely simple: Make a textfile called something.ram with the text of the faulty link in it, and link to the textfile. I wasn't going to tell them, but when there was a problem with another link (the banner) pointing to a wrong page, I told them that and mentioned the link-thing too (the reason I didn't want to tell them was that I knew what the reaction would be: No fix, just discuss. "It's only the Macs that have a problem, they are few in number"...). When they started to discuss it, I got shortheaded and said I wouldn't discuss it with them if they didn't understand anyway. And then the discussion started... We have used more than 10 times the time it would take to fix it to discuss the matter (and I think I've stayed reasonably polite)... Sigh.

... okay, they actually did forward the email describing the problem to the technicians. At least that shows they're not totally out of it :-)...

... and now they've added an extra pair of links after some emailing with the tech. It's not the perfect solution (check out "I'm A Little Cloud" on the D-A-D-website too see how that's done), but at least it works now. I don't know why they wont make a .ram-file, but they wont, so we'll settle for second best. At least they changed it for the better!

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