Jukebox upgrade - better USB sound card #hardware #jukebox #music

🕑︎ - 2016-09-04

Back in May I upgraded my jukebox to a Raspberry Pi 3, but couldn't get the cheap USB soundcard I had been using with the 2+ to work.

Fortunately the built in sound of the Raspberry Pi 3 was better than the abysmal one in the Raspberry Pi 2+.

Just now I heard Kashmir's "The Push" and the crackle was annoying. Very noticable.

So I grabbed an Onyx Blackjack I had lying around and attached that; it worked as soon as I changed the mpd.conf - and sounds much better. A usb hub is needed to power it, but the increase in sound quality is worth the wattage.

I'll have to put on Kent's "Då Som Nu För Alltid" on and see if that sounds better now as well.

Yay sound!

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