Jukebox II #jukebox

๐Ÿ•™๏ธŽ - 2005-01-12

I'd like to have a sort of "jukebox", as I've blathered about before.

With the release of the sweet, sweet Mac mini, I got this idea:

What if I replaced the cd-player in my stereo with a Mac mini?

It should work like this: if unattended, play random albums from the harddisk. Using a web (or other) interface, it should be possible to queue albums/songs (access via a browser on another computer).

That is the generic "jukebox" part of it. Here's what it also should do:

If a cd is popped into the cd-drive of the Mac mini, the system should determine whether that cd is already on the harddisk. If so, immediately play that album. If not, transfer the cd to the harddisk, and then play the album.

I think that would cover quite nicely what I want in a jukebox. And new cds would easily, automatically be added to the harddisk.

If the cd can't be looked up, that is a problem (perhaps it could just play the cd in the drive, and send an email about it's unability to store it on the harddisk?) But other than that, I think it's a simple and good interface. What did I overlook?

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