I hear voices

🕥︎ - 2001-10-20

Recent discovery: I seem to prefer music where the lead-singer doesn't sing "beautifully" per se. Obvious examples are Bob Dylan, 22 Pistepirkko and Mercury Rev.

Which incidently reminds me: Are there any bands left that do not have a homepage?

Windows on Virtual PC on Mac On Linux.

Elektrosmog - discussion group for public, wireless access to the Internet.

Paper cranes - cute story.

Drawing maps of the net: Charting Virtual Worlds.

RFC Ignorant.org - the clearinghouse for sites who think that the rules of the internet don't apply to them.

RunTime : Pipes in Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Perhaps it's not fair to compare pipes?

SANS: The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities.

Started using vi? - Miss the paperclip from hell? Vigor to the rescue!

The Perl Journal Archives.

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