I gave away some old software for free. They didn't want it. Fuck them, they are ruining my business anyway!

๐Ÿ•๏ธŽ - 2000-08-30

I can't stop laughing after reading this rant by Dave Winer about open source.

See, he goes on and on paragraph after paragraph, only to reveal in the second last that the reason he is really pissed is that nobody picked up his old MacBird code and used it to bring Linux up to par with the Mac! Laughed hard when I read that...

I looked at the website for MacBird - "The Open Source graphic user interface builder and runtime". I read the entire frontpage. It made absolutely no sense to me. I have no idea why I would ever want to run MacBird. I have been using GNU/Linux exclusively since 1994, yet MacBird does not (seem to) offer anything I would want. Why should I pick it up, pray tell?

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