I ๐Ÿ–ค Free Software #free software #ilovefs

๐Ÿ•š๏ธŽ - 2022-02-14

GNU Emacs, Debian GNU/Linux, Linux, Gnus, X.Org, Postfix, GHC, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, OpenSSH, Firefox, Apache, ejabberd, Dovecot, git, GnuPG, XMonad, jabber.el, Magit, rdiff-backup, LaTeX, Gimp, VLC, Syncthing, Sakura, chrony, Jitsi, Fail2ban, WeeWX, DejaVu fonts, ripgrep, lirc, Flameshot, Delta Chat, lots of GNU, the list goes on and on - thanks everybody!

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