๐Ÿ•”๏ธŽ - 2000-12-20

The funniest spam I've ever received arrived today. It goes like this: "Are you still using an old operating system? Why not upgrade to a newer and more reliable version? You'll enjoy greater features and more stability.

Microsoft Dos 6.22				$15
Microsoft Windows 3.11				$15
Microsoft Windows 95				$15
Microsoft Windows 98 SE 			$20
Microsoft Windows Millenium 			$20
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro 			$20
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server			$50
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (25CAL)	$65


(Most of) my "homepage" has had a slight makeover applied. It should be HTML 4.01 Strict standards-compliant now, except for where I screwed up - so if you're using an old, buggy browser it may look kind of weird.

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