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🕠︎ - 2000-06-26

Transportation links: A cool gallery of mopeds and scooters. Here's a webzine for Skate Dorks - "skateboarding for the masses". If you are inclined towards the more comfortable, you can try "xootr" (pronounced "zooter" - always a good thing with a name that needs pronounciation-explanation!) or maybe Go-Peds?

Here's a strange application: A telnet-client that displays the text as the intro of StarWars!

Another strange one: "Symphony for dot matrix printers".

After that: the last page.

In the US you can "call shotgun". But did you know that there were rules to be followed?

Thoughts about domain names.

A cartoon about cartoons on the net?! By Scott McCloud.

For the PowerPC-based GNU/Linux Mac-machines there is a program called "Mac-On-Linux" that lets you use Mac programs. Wondrous!

I think I've tripped over this one before, but it still relevant: "Late Sleepers of the Word, Arise! (At a reasonable hour... [...]". There's even a bill of rights for late sleepers!

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