Fall cleaning... #Coop

๐Ÿ•˜๏ธŽ - 2000-08-31

A nutty project at best - a map of how the different unixen relate historically!

Just what the world needed then: A carry-in-a-suitcase atom bomb! Oh, and here's another handy one, aptly named "Davy Crocket". Oh my!

Norsar issued a press-release after the Russian submarine Kursk-accident, complete with graphs showing the explosions!

Bruce Tognazzi is an UI-design-hotshot. And here is his article entitled "How Programmers Stole the Web. When I read it, I had something to say. Now I don't.

And, look what I found, a threaded discussion-page with colours. I'm not sure if I like it or not. But. Well. I have to see how they did the lines sooner or later. Later.

Evolution Of A Linux User by James Baughn - goes through stages 0 to 10.

Of course there is an online interactive RSA-encryption demonstration in JavaScript. Of course.

In The Netherlands, gurus are wanted. While in Las Vegas, there are sorely needed!

The LART FAQ contains things to say to spammers. I especially enjoy this part: "This is probably the oldest excuse in the book: 'Just hit 'delete', or send in a remove request.' My answer to the above usually goes something like this: 'If you do not like getting my complaints, you can hit 'delete' also.'"

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