Excuses, excuses… #unsubscribe

🕖︎ - 2022-04-30

It seems kind of silly that the post after the first post I have embedded a tweet in is this one. But, whatever, I have deactivated my Twitter account. I don't know if the new ownership of the company is going to make any difference, but it was as good an excuse as any to cut Twitter out of my routine.

I am going to miss some of the stuff I was following - ideally I would like equivalent Atom/RSS-feeds (so I can read them in Gnus via Feedbase), which is usually easy for people using/switching to Mastodon/ActivityPub, but I guess I shouldn't be holding my breath.

Anyway, this means one less distraction - you can still find the new approved Danish firstnames over on kammeratadam.dk.

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