Dylan in Lund #Coop

🕐︎ - 2000-05-14

We arrived in Malmö and took the train to Lund. The train was chock-full. Walked through summery-Lund, warm and sunny. Nice. The closer we got, the more depressing the buildings. From the narrow streets of central Lund to villas to huge concrete complexes.

Olympen was located in the middle of such a huge concrete box. The floor had markings for handball and other things. Quite small place - smaller than KB Hallen. Along the sides of the room there was large steps that people sat on. We arrived 30 minutes before the concert was scheduled to begin, and luckily we found places to sit on the lowest step in the very front, just by the stage.

No warm-up, Bob & Band entered the stage apprx. 15 minutes later than announced. He was soooo close! Wearing a nice whitish suit and black cowboy boots with white decoration on it.

The concert started out acoustic, with Tony Garnier playing the huge floorbass.

Bobs voice is in great shape. I don't think I've ever heard him sound that good live. He seemed very confident and not like he was afraid the voice would fail him (as I've sometimes felt).

Masters Of War was performed in a rolling, grooming mood. Less aggressive, darker. Great! A while into the concert I noticed that I could actually see the sweatdrop hanging from his nose!

Tangled Up In Blue started out very moving, but then it changed and the song became almost merry! During the last half of the song, Bob Dylan smiled, when not singing! Something he repeated during Like A Rolling Stone towards the end of the concert.

I can't believe I was this close. I bet I would never get as close in Horsens. During Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 I could actually see that when he sang "They'll stone you when you're sitting at the breakfast table", he accidentaly sprayed the mike singing "breakfast" :-)

Another detail: "I'm lovesick. I'm trying to forget you" became: "I'm lovesick. I'm trying to get you". Turning the mood at the end of the song! Brilliant.

"The fellow playing on the bass tonight is Tony Garnieeeer", he said. Tony Garnier is, if memory servers, the live-musician that has played with Bob Dylan for the longest amount of time :-)

I had a little smile on my lips for the most of the concert, and sometimes Bob just added some little thing that made the smile wider. I noticed that often when that happened, Tony Garnier had a grin on his face too ;-)

There's so much to tell and so few braincells to record it all...

We walked back to the train in Lund, reached Malmö just in time for the 11PM-boat.

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