Down the rabbithole #gnus #nntp #feedbase #lantern

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2021-01-19

An innocent question about a warning from Gnus on Reddit led me down a rabbit hole: "Unexpected error message when starting Gnus".

My Gnus didn't show that warning message. Why? Because I had gnus-read-active-file set to nil. Reading the Gnus manual makes it abundantly clear that the default 'some is superior to nil, so I changed to that.

Now I also get the error, once for Feedbase, once for Lantern and once for each of my email (nnml) servers. Hm.

The error is because those servers don't support "LIST NEWSGROUPS". It turns out that I never implemented "LIST NEWSGROUPS" in Feedbase and Lantern - because I had configured Gnus in a way so it didn't issue it in the first place!

So I implemented "LIST NEWSGROUPS" in Feedbase's nntpd and in Lantern's nntpd.

Ok, good, now I have an answer: I only get those messages for my email servers.

With the changed configuration of gnus-read-active-file Gnus now issues a "LIST NEWSGROUP" at start-up and displays descriptions in the *Group* buffer. I actually don't want to see the descriptions, so I changed my gnus-group-line-format to not include %D. This also has the nice side effect that "LIST NEWSGROUPS" is no longer issued at start-up and the warning isn't shown for the (remaining) servers that don't support it. So now I also have a suggestion on how to avoid the warning.

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