Devops Engineer position at Novonesis in Copenhagen #biotech #linux

🕥︎ - 2024-04-23

If you're good a Linux and want to work in a research organisation in an environment where you're expected to look after racks of servers, from making sure the right ones are there with the right components, to keeping the operating system (Ubuntu) updated, the virtual machines spinning (Proxmox), the distributed network storage in top shape (Ceph), and the tape robot fed, here is a job ad for you to check out:

· Devops Engineer, Lyngby, Denmark

You'll be expected to analyze trends (Grafana) and catch problems before they get out of hand, learn from your mistakes and document them via improved monitoring (Nagios), and to respond to the whims of researchers changing focus. A bunch of responsibility and the freedom to find a good solution - and some opinionated colleagues to discuss it with as well.

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