Controversy? Links?

🕢︎ - 2002-09-12

The Link Controversy Page.

Bruce Schneier: How to Think About Security.

Nasty horizons.

Another way to play golf.
SAGEwire: Fluent Perl.

Adaptive Path: The Pendulum Returns, Part 2.
Adaptive Path: Doing a Content Inventory (Or, A Mind-Numbingly Detailed Odyssey Through Your Web Site). Pixelsurgeon interview with Jakob Nielsen.
evolt.org: You need a Content Management System.
Quantum CMS.

maccaws m.aking a. c.ommercial c.ase for a.dopting w.eb s.tandard.
Lycos Europe follows standards. What's the story, are they related to Jubii? I forget.
Buy me this book: Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design, and I'll throw it at people. Repeatedly. Hard.
Buy me this book: Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason, and I won't throw it anywhere.

Kuro5hin: [[P]] My Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Life.
How to get straight A's.
Building a Life-size Millennium Falcon. Whee!

The story of the author of snort.


Danish Internet Watch - latest story... August 8th.

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