Amiga nostalgia/emulation #amiga

🕣︎ - 2023-07-23
Amiga Kickstart 1.3 insert disk logo

Following up on the nostalgia from the 38th anniversary of the first Amiga, I happened upon an article on lobste.rs about hacking Little Computer People on the Amiga - it has a link to a disk image, so I thought I'd try it.

Classic AmigaDOS window on blue background

A quick sudo apt install fs-uae and some searching for an old Kickstart ROM later, suddenly my laptop started sounding like an old Amiga 500 - click, click, click, screetch, screeetch.


Screenshot from the Little Computer People game

My Little Computer Person is called Orville and is happily nattering away in the background now, accompanied by a grey dog.

And the nostalgic sound of the floppy drive torturing the floppy comes on once in a while, when the game saves its state. Oh dear.

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