80's rock look #music #fashion

🕡︎ - 2023-07-23

The other day I was watching a documentary about 80's hair metal, and this band portrait flickered past on the screen:

Skid Row - singer Sebastian Bach looking pouty and chin-sucky.

It reminded me of something ... something ... close to this:

Disneyland After Dark - singer Jesper Binzer looking slightly less pouty and chin-sucky.

Is that Seb' Bach or Jesp' Binz'?

It definitely was a look!

I spotted another familiar and very short clip in the intro of the documentary:

Screen capture from the intro, showing a shot from a Disneyland After Dark-video with the bass player Stig Pedersen wearing a helmet with fireworks sprouting sparks from the top.

- Adam Sjøgren 🕛︎ - 2023-07-24


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