🕛︎ - 2001-03-28

Mozilla 0.8.1 has hit the streets, so to speak. The themes have been reorganized, so the old ones at the Netscape 6 theme-park doesn't (necessarily) work. Somewhat annoying. I've modified my modern skin (mostly just by greyscaling all the images, so they don't look blue :-))

D-A-D is suing the people who arranged the Grøn Koncert series of concerts in 2000 the papers say. As usual I don't know squat :-)

If you've got a Mac and a vacuumcleaner left over, who not melt them together?

Solving NP Problems with fluid?! I guess it's different from solving convex hull problems with a rubber band...

In Germany they seemed to have pulled off what they couldn't do in the south of Sweden: Net access through the power-grid.

100Mbps optical fiber into your home - sound like something you'd like? Move to Japan!

All kinds of strange modifications for your (mostly Mac-) programmes at ResExcellence. Some of the Netscape throbbers and splash-screens are pretty cool. Some are pretty lame. Some even tacky. Have a feast!

Intel to make 250,000 web-appliances for AOL and a Spanish Bank. All running Mozilla and GNU/Linux (which is just mentioned in passing, as if that wasn't something special, and I guess it isn't anymore. Yum!)

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