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Autumn music #music

🕜︎ - 2005-09-01

This spring, expectations were high.

Now, more good bands are to release albums in the fall: Kashmir releases "No Balance Palace" on October 10, Mew are to release "Glass Handed Kites" on September 19, Kaizers Orchestra has already released Maestro and Jomi Massage is due too: "from where no one belongs, i will sing", September 6.

Klaus Lynggaard is set to release a solo album called "På Herrens Mark". Did he take song-lessons since... Scooter? Vespa? I forgot the name. Oh, "Strejfer", it was.

Olesen-Olesen will release "Solsort og Forstærker" on October 3.

Lots of things coming out.

Oh, The Cardigans "Super Extra Gravity" on October 19, as well.