Copenhagen Suborbitals has jumped the shark #unsubscribe

With a Work Breakdown Structure.


Action at the kayak slide in Copenhagen harbour, just as I was walking by: youtu.be/nce6Q47ZjYc

Syncronizing contacts and calendars with your own server, on Android #android

I just spent 2½ hours making my new Android phone sync using DAVdroid to radiCALe on my home server.

It took a while, because there are a couple of things you simply "have to know":

I am only sync'ing my web-based calender on the server in one direction (server to phone); this seems to just work. Addressbook will probably only be in the other direction (phone to server).

I managed to avoid sending my contacts to Google, by turning off all sync before creating the Google account (this is done in Settings/Data Usage top right menu "Auto-sync data"). After creating the account, I turned off wi-fi and mobile data - and then I reenabled Auto-sync data, and went to Settings/Accounts/Google and disabled sync for everything Google there. After that I could enable mobile data and wi-fi again.

The point here is for the email app to update Auto-sync data must be on, but if I turned it on again while there was a network connection available, my contacts would have been synced to the new Google account before I could disable syncing to it - thus the turn off wi-fi and mobile data "trick".


Update: If you try setting up a DAVdroid account, and you get an "HTTP error: 500 internal server error", while radiCALe reports no problem in the log, double check the permissions/ownership of the files in /var/lib/radicale/collections/ For some reason one of the .props-files got root.root as owner.group, changing to radicale.radicale fixed the problem.

Also, if DAVdoid says there is in intermittent problem with syncing your calendars, check that your .ics-files have UID entries for all VEVENTS - they are apparently mandatory for DAVdroid.


End of summer

It feels like even the weather is sad that summer vacation is over. It has been raining "slowly" all day...


BioCoder: Making biotech actually garage-ready #biotech

An interesting article about the movement towards making biotech possible in your basement, and access to reagents in particular: Open Source Biotech Consumables.

Lots of things I hadn't heard about - OpenPCR, ... I wonder when I can sequence parts of my own genome in my kitchen. Now that would be interesting.

"Open source plasmids" has a nice ring to it!


Perl indeed was the universal glue of the early web - Microsofts first website was maintained using Perl: boingboing.net/2014/08/0 ...

Night Glow 2014

The Night Glow - 15 hot air balloons glowing to music - in Fælledparken tonight was very nice!

I took a bunch of pictures, and made a panorama:



All my ears hear is...

"It turns out..."


Emoji vs. Smileys

How come the word "emoji" seems to have replaced "smileys" while I was looking away?

Sounds better than "emoticons", I guess.

Gratituous link to "Oh No, My Kitty is Emo".


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