Slow #music

"I always liked it slow
I never liked it fast
With you it’s got to go
With me it’s got to last"


Dialing a BBS in 2016 #computers

"In 2016, calling a BBS mostly means reliving glory days long past: 1990s technology as comfort food, nourishing the fragile soul with a slow drip of information at a rate that old-timers actually can comprehend."
- The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems


Handling DNS

Today QuickDNS announced that they are closing down early next year, which is too bad if/when you don't want to use GratisDNS.

Time to put my money where my mouth is, it seems - so I created two cheap Linode VPS's and configured them to serve DNS for a couple of my domains, just to see how that will work out.

I have redelegated one of the domains to the new DNS servers, and still need to redelegate the other one, but I'll try to move that one too soon(ish), and we'll see how it goes.

Update: I have moved one of my .dk domains as well. Worked fine. Oh, and QuickDNS isn't closing after all(!)


The BD project #dylan #jukebox #music

I don't embark on epic series like some people do.

But I did just finish listening to the 813 Bob Dylan songs my jukebox contains, in random order, which I started doing when it was announced that the Nobel Prize in Litterature this year goes to his Bobness.



Nobel Prize, Litterature 2016 #dylan #jukebox #language #math #music

Bob Dylan. Yes.

Tells the jukebox to play all Bob Dylan songs on random.


Signs you are stressed #118

When you carry a dirty dish to the kitchen, and you leave it on the kitchen table, instead of putting it in the dish washer, because you think: "I'll do it when I have the time."


Jukebox upgrade - better USB sound card #hardware #jukebox #music

Back in May I upgraded my jukebox to a Raspberry Pi 3, but couldn't get the cheap USB soundcard I had been using with the 2+ to work.

Fortunately the built in sound of the Raspberry Pi 3 was better than the abysmal one in the Raspberry Pi 2+.

Just now I heard Kashmir's "The Push" and the crackle was annoying. Very noticable.

So I grabbed an Onyx Blackjack I had lying around and attached that; it worked as soon as I changed the mpd.conf - and sounds much better. A usb hub is needed to power it, but the increase in sound quality is worth the wattage.

I'll have to put on Kent's "Då Som Nu För Alltid" on and see if that sounds better now as well.

Yay sound!


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