Downloading tv shows from Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) #commandline

Some years ago I hacked together a script to download tv shows from DR, called drnuget - because I don't want to install Adobe's Flash plugin on my computer, and because Gnash does not work with dr.dk.

Alas, a while back, DR changed their website and drnuget stopped working. This, of course in blatant, direct violation of the Public Service contract. Oh well.

All is not lost, because another little hacky script, drplay at least allows you to watch shows, by digging up a URL and passing it on to vlc. Not that useful for downloading, though.

But now I've learned that youtube-dl (no longer that precisely named) can download programs from dr.dk, so we can once again download the programs we are forced to pay for - nice!

Update: I was very happy to see that Arch Linux' AUR had a package for my little script, but - alas - it turns out to be another little script, with the same name.


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Not relevant to this article at all (sorry), but...

Just wanted to let you know, that I found your DrNuGet script very useful. Apparantly you have no articles on it, so I have no other option, than to add it here :)


(was directed to the script from http://www.linuxin.dk/node/17903 )

Re: drnuget

Thanks - maybe I should write something about drnuget and move the comment over there...

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