Linus Torvalds on GNOME 3 #ui

"That said, exactly because they are so important, it does frustrate me when I hit things that I perceive to be steps backwards. [...]

The same thing is what frustrated me about many of the changes in Gnome 3. The whole “let’s make it clutter-free” was taken to the point where it was actually hard to get things done, and it wasn’t even obvious *how* to do things when you could do them. That kind of minimalist approach is not forward progress, it’s just UI people telling people “we know better”, even if it makes things harder to do. That kind of “things that used to be easy are suddenly hard or impossible” just drives me up the wall, and frustrates me."
- TechCrunch interview with Linus Torvalds, 2012 nominee for the Millenium Technology Price.

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