Always exciting

'"There'll be lots of big computers with blinking lights," said Ismail. "That's always exciting."'
- Computer Trash Is His Treasure.

"Business intelligence turns out to be something rather rare, since many companies are only dimly aware of the basis of their own success. Some of us prefer business denial."
- Invisible Giant, Robert X. Cringely.

It's Linux for IBM supercomputer project - Blue Gene/L: 65000 processors, 16 trillion bytes of memory. Quite big.

"Nyt job?
Søg mostergode jobs i job-databasen"
- TDC Online.

"It seems that reviewers only install a distribution, they don't seem to use or upgrade it."
- Debian weekly news 41, on reviews.

"Computation is not just about electronics"
- "Programmable water"

"George II has been working for the Lord ever since he was divinely instructed some years back to stop snorting blow."
- "Pox Americana", John Perry Barlow.

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