Yesterday I bought an Apple Airport UFO. I've got it configured via MacOS, but I can't seem to get the Airport-driver working correctly under GNU/Linux. I can only load the airport module if I do not specify any parameters?! Contact me if you've got the solution. Thanks.

Update: - don't worry about those parameters. Just load the module, ifup eth1 and then configure with iwconfig (from the wireless-tools package (on Debian, anyway)). That's it!


The Smart Tags Weblog - apparantly Microsoft at least made a metatag that their Smart Tags-enabled programs respect?! For some reason I don't feel like cluttering my HTML with Microsoft-specific "Do behave like a decent netcitizen"-stuff.

Debian wiki web

How did the ancient Egyptions erect all those obelisks, really? Maybe using kites? Gives the expression "high as a kite" a whole new meaning. Or not.

Am I using a nasty browser? Are you?

Having problems coming up with a new web-site design? Feel like "borrowing" someone elses? Think you're getting away with it? Arrrrgh... pirated sites.

Did you recently go from Windows til GNU/Linux? Perhaps IBM can help you with the transition.

Meerkat - web-based syndicated content reader; based on RSS.

Of course the is a LaTeX for the HP LX200 (80186-based palmtop). Of course.

No MSIE on fridays-Apache module. [[Tongue in cheek]].

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 won't behave as stupid as version 5 did when parsing stylesheets - it won't default to "px" when no unit is given!


Making the console on Debian prettier: ASCII swirly.

Danish banks that have been reported to be usable under GNU/Linux.


Wireless Security Auditor - research use of an iPaq handheld and GNU/Linux at IBM.

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!

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