SanDisk are cool. Linkaritis.

SanDisk makes an USB CompactFlash-card reader - with Linux-support. Nice!

Loads of links to things I should have read but haven't yet:

I remember this game from a very long time ago. Tried it. Got bored after 10 minutes. Computer games are not meant to played alone.

More computer-game nostalgia: Lemon - old Commodore stuff...

One of Microsofts top-people bad-mouthed Free Software and Open Source - UserFriendly the cartoon answered. So did Stallman.

The Web Standards Project urges webbuilders to annoy users of old buggy browsers.

My about-page has expressed similar sentiments for a while.

A List Apart has the slightly more technical article about the browser upgrade campaign.

CSS2 tip - more than one class, yes!

How to handle a yellow-pages sales representative: evhead.

Ssystem is an OpenGL Solar System simulator. Nice images. Yum.

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