๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2001-07-07

Google Zeitgeist - fun with statistics from the most prominent search-engine of the day.

Aiiee, Apple won't be producing the Cube for much longer. I haven't got one yet!

6 minutes radio-interview with Suzanne Vega recorded during the Werchter Festival in Belgium.

Office Line opening hours: Saturday 10-14, their website says. But on the door of the shop there is a note saying "Closed saturdays in July". What is wrong with these people? Why do they have a website, if it has wrong information? (Their website doesn't have price nor product-information either, but the information there is should be correct, shouldn't it?)

Dr. Dobbs: Code Coverage Analysis in Perl.

The Pentium 4 and the G4e: an Architectural Comparison.

Content management links.

Interview with a content management heretic.

A Pseudo Makeover.

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