XBox, full circle - run away

🕦︎ - 2005-05-14

What on earth were Microsofts hardware(!)-designers thinking? Even if that thing could toast bread (mind you, it actually does look like a toaster) and make coffee, I would not want one.

The name is kind of odd, but Microsoft PR always have had a problem with counting/numbers. Windows 3, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003... And Xbox 2 would have the horrifying problem that Playstation 2 has been out for years and years - can't be behind on the numbers, now can we?

Maybe Sony will call their next Playstation the 720? Tie it in with Tony 'Gluefoot' Hawk, and you've got a smash hit!

Interestingly, this new box sports a PowerPC-processor and ATI graphics chip.

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