Woo-hoo! #Overground

🕝︎ - 2000-01-01

How many years do you think a millennium should be? "Millennium - mille and annus, thousand and year, oh yeah, lets make it 999 years long!" - No? Okay, then drop all the new millennium-bull until 2001. Thank you, now clear the street, there is nothing to see here.

As usual Calvin pinpoints the situation: "Well, it's a new year. And I'd say the first 10 hours haven't been up to snuff." 11 years in advance, even.

Here's a nice one from SlashDot: "Audi (USA) has voluntarily pulled their site because of the Y2K scare." What, are they afraid that the website will suddenly start displaying pictures of Volvos? " Probably! :-)

Politiken supposedly had a webcam pointing at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. It didn't work in the afternoon, and when I just tried it now, it still didn't work. Good thing I didn't post it.

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