๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2001-04-05

... you really need that Tom Petty record, why don't you have it around?

It's wake-up time
Time to open up your eyes
And rise
And shine

Copenhagen Airport: International arrivals.

A website that is a gif-editor? How weird is that. (Doesn't work very well for me, though).

Half-Life under LINUX (and other UN*X's) with WINE HOWTO.

Bruce Tognazzinis magic ReplayTV-device just got worse.

How to fight cell-phone theft? How to... Hmm - why not SMS-bomb stolen phones? Yeah, that's the Dutch ticket.

Bob post highway 73-cruisin'.

Joe Hewitts DHTML toys.

Ars Tecnica reviews MacOS X for the umpteenth time. Final version 10.0 is up this time. Mind. Numbing. Number. Of. Pages. And. Words. If you can stand reading all those pages, you should be awarded a medal for unusual persistence.

A shorter look at MacOS X at kuro5hin.

Does your browser support the gopher-protocol?

Of course someone did that: Textmode Quake.

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