Watch out!

🕢︎ - 2000-10-26

If you're attending the Smashing Pumpkins-concert in Copenhagen tomorrow, don't crack your head like the crazy norwegian did!

If you're creating an information-centered Web site frames are a bad idea. If you're developing a Web application, frames are a good idea.

A good, and old, piece about frames by peterme. Someone linked to it in a recent discussion. I haven't grokked the idea of web-applications yet, so that's why I just think frames are wrong :-)

And Cobalt released a new Cube - Cube 3. It looks so damned qute! (Yes, Cobalt made cubes way before Apple).

The Danish film-director and author Christian Braad Thomsen has written a book about 100 of the best films. Of the 100 he has selected, I've seen 20. And he included the movie I like the best: "Down By Law". Other favourites are "Blade Runner" and "Apocalypse Now". None of the Star Wars movies are there, though. Maybe he's too old to appreciate those. "Pulp Fiction" is on the list too. It's better than "Jackie Brown", but still...

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