Wall of sound

🕙︎ - 2000-12-16

Need a flashy trenchcoat? TrenchCo. is there for you!

Clifford Stoll is manufacturing Klein-bottles and selling them! Sounds very cool.

Monitoring networks with natural sounds, birds chirping, water running, wind blowing and the like: peep.

Pictures for your desktop.

The story of the first email message.

"Why I Hate Advocacy" by Mark-Jason Dominus. Well said.

The Audi TT is admired, by some, for it's fancy design. Adidas has designed a basket-sneaker with Audi to match it. How very odd.

Chernobyl has finally been shutdown. Only 14 years too late. All rejoice. We're waiting for Barsebäck to shut down too.

A folding keyboard for your palmpilot? Odd!

Cheap way to make your computer less noisy: Remove the big old harddisk, the one that is of little use anyway!

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