Visiting an unfriendly world

๐Ÿ•™๏ธŽ - 2000-11-14

While I was trying to make an on Windows pc retrieve data from a HP 200LX and inject it into a HP Jornada 720, pulling my hair out, sighing constantly with disbelief, but in the end very grateful that I don't have to deal with such software daily, Netscape, sneaky as they are, released Netscape 6!

Netscape has also made a Theme Park with different looks for the new Netscape 6 - it took a little javascript-tweak to have the page allow them to be installed on Mozilla, but it works.

I think "Orbit" is somewhat cool - but the stop-button is too red for me (it looks like the fire-button on an old "The Arcade"-joystick from the C= 64-days!), so I think I'll use "Modern - Mozillium" for now. The active buttons are still a teeny bit too blue, but overall it's pretty okay. I think. I'm a little dizzy right now.

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