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🕛︎ - 2004-01-25

"The State of Perl" - what does the future look like? By Adam Turoff.

Hey, CPAN just got grep and diff - look under "Tools"; nice.

Kashmir's live in the radio right now. "Aftermath" standing out. "Mom in love, daddy in space" less so.

Over at kuro5hin, there's a Tweaking MySQL (4.x) Primer.

I want one. I ordered one. I got it. I'm underwhelmed.

"The phones don't stop".

"Doug Engelbart tells writer Ken Jordan what it felt like to launch the point-and-click revolution 15 years before the Mac." - Wired: The Click Heard Round The World.

Wired: "Beyond Google: Narrow the Search" - graphing searches?

A story of cds; "The size of the CD has also imposed itself upon most of the disc-based formats that have since followed. [...] allegedly indebted to former Sony head-honcho, Akio Morita, who supposedly insisted (accountings of this vary wildly) that the fledgling CD format be able to hold Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in its entirety, thus the CD was expanded from its smaller origins to its current size." :-)

I find it hard to decide whether this is funny or upsetting: "Student Caught In Racial Controversy - Flyers Promote White Student For African-American Award".

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